Safe Distance - kuda.org

Safe Distance - kuda.orgSafe Distance is video that was recorded during NATO air strikes against FR Yugoslavia. Videotape shows electronic cockpit of the US Air Force plane. There were 4 airplanes flying from NATO-base from Italy to destination in Yugoslavia. Mission objective was to bomb several targets in the area around city of Novi Sad. On the way back, after mission was completed, plane was shot. Tape (Sony Video 8) was found near crashed plane in Fruska Gora mountain in Srem region. It shows electronic cockpit with basic graphical interface and voice communication between pilots.

Resist, Refuse, Rebel - Rimini Protokoll

Resist, Refuse, Rebel - Rimini ProtokollThe two Vietnam Veterans and Anti-War activists Darnell Stephen Summers and Dave Blalock with their definition of Resist...Refuse...Rebell

Profit - Stefan Heidenreich

Profit - Stefan HeidenreichEine kurze Ökonomie des Kriegs als Dienstleistung: Was wird beim Krieg verdient. Wer bietet den Service an. Zu welchem Preis. Wer kauft. Wer zahlt. Wie sieht der Markt aus.

Portrait/Mugshot - Armin Smailovic

Portrait/Mugshot - Armin SmailovicDuring my military time in former yugoslavia i had to photograph more than 4500 soldiers for their military IDs. This happened 3 years before the war, which started 91.
In the age of 19 and not enough politically grown to realize what i ve got in my hands, the negatives were just trash for me, after i printed 4 copies for each soldier. So all together something like 18000 prints in B/W.
Then in 91 i went to the croatian war as a war photographer.

Plündern - Vanessa Joan Müller

Plündern - Vanessa Joan Müller„Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over“, sangen die Smiths 1986. Das destabilisierende Potenzial des kollektiven Ladendiebstahls scheint ungleich geringer gegenüber dem des Plünderns, und doch setzten bereits die Smiths auf das Aushebeln jener Tauschgesetzmäßigkeit „Geld gegen Ware“, auf denen der ökonomische Imperativ des Systems Kapitalismus nun einmal basiert. Die romantische Vorstellung des kollektiven Ladendiebstahls funktioniert jedoch nur in Friedenszeiten.

Pleasure - Avi Mograbi

Pleasure - Avi MograbiMy concept consists of 2 videotaped testimonies of ex-soldiers concerning their service experiences. The first one is a short testimony about the pleasure of controlling other people with the tips of you fingers. 3 minutes. The second testimony concerns the pleasure of doing what you are trained to do and how killing can be fun.

Magician - Jonathan Allen

Magician - Jonathan Allen»Once we fully recognise secular magic's role as a cultural agent, our sensitivity to the play of puzzlement, fictiveness, and contingency in modernity will be heightened.« Simon During, Modern Enchantments (Harvard 2002)
»The purpose of this paper is to instruct the reader so he may learn to perform a variety of acts secretly and undetectably. In short, here are instructions for deception.« Some Operational Uses for the Art of Deception, Commissioned for MKULTRA (CIA) from magician John Mulholland in 1954.

Homeland Security Advisory System - Stephan Trüby

Homeland Security Advisory System - Stephan TrübySince 2002, a blueprint for escape route coding has been in place in the United States: the colour-coded terror alert levels set by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), called “5 Codes”. Even though the colour sequence does not correspond with the rising wavelength of the colours in the spectrum (blue comes before green), the US government was still clever to choose the rainbow motif, as the “Rainbow Warrior” Isaac Newton with his prismatic analysis of “white divine light” made a major contribution to the dawn of the age of risk .