Collaboration - Galit Eilat

Collaboration - Galit Eilat"Collaboration" is a structure, where two or more people work together toward a shared aim―typically for an intellectual or cultural project that is creative in nature. Yet, "Collaboration" acquires a very negative meaning as referring to persons or a groups which help an occupier or enemy of their country. What are the benefits and dangers of cultural collaborative projects between Palestinians and Israelis when any kind of collaborative structure is acknowledged as collaboration with the enemy?

(A quiet) Civil war

(A quiet) Civil warOver the last fifteen years, many parts of the former Soviet Union have been devastated by civil war and other disruptive armed conflicts. Despite this glaring fact, it has often been stated that the break-up of the Soviet Union was a remarkably "bloodless" affair.

Exergue: Novi Sad

Exergue: Novi Sad"The necessity of not having control over language, of being a foreigner in one's own tongue in order to draw speech to oneself and 'bring something incomprehensible into the world.'" I chose a quote of a quote as the exergue i would like to put in the beginning of the 5th edition of the "Dictionary of war".

Block G8 Impressions from Börgerende-Rethwish

Block G8 Impressions from Börgerende-RethwishImpressions from the blockade against the G8 in Börgerende-Rethwisch that took place on June 6th 2007 near Rostock (Germany). In the video an activist explains the tactic and the course of action of the blockade (in german).

Narratives of Nudity

Narratives of NudityHow far can you go within a genre called Exploitation? Stephanie Rothman, known as the first women director in the Roger Corman Clan, talks about the thin lines between MPAA standards, exploitation standards of sex and nudity and her own political visions and aesthetical ambitions.

Exploitation vs Avantgarde

Exploitation vs AvantgardeTwo different approaches to film-making and -production: a retrospective view on Hollywood and its B-pictures and a current perspective on independent structures - a dialogue between Stephanie Rothman and Nina Menkes, invited by Viennale 07. But as different as the cinematographic structures, chosen by the directors, may be, there is some important mutual ground for Rothman and Menkes: the strive to communicate feminist ideas.

Good Porn for Good Girls?

Good Porn for Good Girls?What does it mean to work in the porn industry and what difference does it make if a women wrote the script and stands behind the camera? A panel discussion during the 2.Porn Filmfestival in Berlin with Erika Lust (Barcelona), Jennifer Lynn (Melbourne/Berlin), Julia Ostertag (Berlin), Ovidie (Paris), Petra Joy (Brighton) and Audacia Ray (New York).

Alltag Überwachung

Alltag ÜberwachungOb durch neue Kameras oder dauerhafte Speicherung von Telefondaten, ob sichtbar oder im Verborgenen: Immer mehr Informationen über den Einzelnen werden gesammelt, gespeichert und verknüpft. Alles zur Sicherheit der Bürger und zum Vorteil der Konsumenten? Vollzieht sich ein Wandel im Umgang mit Informationen in der digitalen Welt oder ist es bereits der Weg in den Überwachungsstaat? Spurensuche in Deutschland - ein Video-Feature in vier Teilen.

Store Wars - Join the Organic Rebellion

Store Wars - Join the Organic RebellionLiebevolle Star Wars-Parodie zum Thema Bioernährung kontra Ernährung mit Lebensmitteln aus industrieller Massenproduktion. Von den MacherInnen von The Meatrix.


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