Martin Nachbar: "Ausflug"

Martin Nachbar: AusflugLecture Performance by Martin Nachber, February 16rd, 2005, in Frankfurt/Main. Part of the ongoing programme "Performing Lectures" by Unfriendly Takeover.

Exergue - Eyal Weizman

Exergue - Eyal WeizmanSaturday, July 22

Eyal Weizman, israeli architect is going to formulate an "exergue" that will deal with the actual situation and build a connection to the first edition in Frankfurt.


The CUTThe Cut (2006) is a circa twenty minute video that condenses two years of research on the history of the John Huston film Freud the Secret Passion. Rather than present a linear history of the film, The Cut attempts to fill the gaps with fictional scenes that question the possibility of representing history and historical figures.

Weather [Dietmar Dath]

Weather [Dietmar Dath]Saturday, June 3 21:30 - 21:50

Trip [Anselm Franke]

Trip [Anselm Franke]Saturday, June 3 21:00 - 21:20
Movements in space and movements of the mind: The trip as the mobilisation of empathy, mimesis and sympathetic magic; between depression and delirium. From Joseph Conrad's outposts to todays checkpoints. From the Gates of Perception to cinematic gestures and sovereign continuity.

Transfer [Apsolutno]

Transfer [Apsolutno]Saturday, June 3 20:30 - 20:50
In this video piece, Association Apsolutno presents the view of the Balkans from the outside as a view which is not direct, but rather mediated through a filter of technology and media representations, based on various assumptions.

Timescapes [Angela Melitopolous]

Timescapes [Angela Melitopolous]Saturday, June 3 20:00 - 20:20
Timescapes/B-Zone (Becoming Europe Zone) is a collaborative, non-linear video editing project investigating techniques of narration against the power politics of the segmentation of memory and communication located in a (post-) war zone where state politics concerning migration and mobility are thought of as warfare.

Throne of Blood - moving forest [Shu Lea Cheang]

Throne of Blood - moving forest [Shu Lea Cheang]Saturday, June 3 19:30 - 19:50
Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood" (1957) based on Macbeth was originally titled
"SpiderWeb Castle" - tales of ambition ridden lord Washizu (played by
Toshiro Mifune) and his vicious lady (played by Isuzu Yamada) set in
medieval Japan.
Lord Washizu was driven to his downfall following an encounter with a
witch in the SpiderWeb forest.

" You will never lose a single battle,
unless the spider web forest begins to move
and approaches the castle."
advises the witch to the bewildered Washizu.