V2V Software

V2V Drupal Module

the V2V backend can communicate with any public site using its RSS based interface, if you are using Drupal to manager your site, there is even a module that allows you to fully integrate V2V content into your site. This is also the module that is used to run v2v.cc The current version of the module is for Drupal 4.7

  • In your drupal modules folder do:
    bzr branch http://code.v2v.cc/drupal/v2v-drupal-module-6.x v2v

V2V Upload Client

This Software is used to upload videos to the v2v network, it provides an interface to input metadata and uses BitTorrent to upload the material to a V2V server. This client is cross platrom and works on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows


V2V Server

the central part of the V2V backend forms the V2V server. Several V2V servers form a publishing backbone, all providing the files currently in the V2V Network, and thus makeing sure the files are availlable at high speeds. The server is know to run on Linux and FreeBSD, but should work on other platforms too.


V2V KeepAlive

since there is not endless diskspace on all V2V server, and files are only published on all servers for a limited time, V2V KeepAlive allows you to continue providing material that is no more hosted by all V2V servers.