BADco. at International Festival "The Theatre" Stockholm 3-5 February 2006

International Festival “The Theatre” takes as a series of departure points for the realization of the project – to develop and build a full-scale theatre on the basis of a budget conventionally issued for a theatre/dance performance - during Steirischer Herbst 2007 a number of seminars. These seminars are to be held on a quarterly basis in different cities in Europe, inviting old and new guest for discussions and processes. At each seminar a public session will be held where the invited guests give presentations of their own work, practically and theoretically. Some of the presentations will be given specific weight to the project itself, others will be concerned with local projects or with more general issues concerning performance and architecture in its widest possible meaning.
The first seminar was given at the art space Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm 3-5 February 2006.

Nicolina and Sergej Pristas opens in this presentation for a number of contemporary strategies of performance. In the work of BADco., a collaborative performance team based in Zagreb, modes of information flow and spatio-temporal conditions are investigated in ways where the dialectics of critique is phased to comprise an affectual opportunity rather than a territorial pressure. In their latest work “Deleted Messages” BADco. produce a kind of performance close-up in which the audience, without transforming into something else, lose, or rather multiply, orientation. This multiplication however is not homogenizing but an opportunity for desire production of an inorganic capacity.
Nicolina and Sergej Pristas address here as well the complexity of space not as space but as place; a social and situational aspect without outlines rather then a geometrical and orientational space.

BADco. is a Zagreb-based collaborative performance group. The core of the group are: Pravdan Devlahović, Ivana Ivković, Ana Kreitmeyer, Tomislav Medak, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Nikolina Pristaš, Ivana Sajko.
The artistic work of BADco. is not so marked by the choice of subject matter as it is by the production of various problematic aspects of working in/as collaboration i.e. through specific ways of self-organization of the authors involved in a particular project during the process of work. Authors see their performances as performance machines which can enter various referential contexts such as social, political, intimate, dance and artistic contexts in general. Instead of thematic naming which stands closer to the traditional ideas of theatre the group prefers thinking in terms of eventality. Some key words for our thematic interest are: vitalism, virus material, collective, flesh vs. body, strategies of observing? 

BADco. was founded in 2000 while some of the authors worked together on the project Confessions in Theatre &TD. It was founded as a non-profit organization to produce collaborative performance work. So far the group has produced the following performances: Man.Chair (2000), 2tri4 (2001), Diderot's Nephew or Blood is Thicker than Water (2001), Solo Me (2002), RibCage (2002), Walk This Way (2003), Mass (for Election Day Silence) (2003), Deleted Messages (2004) and Fleshdance (2004).

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