Claire Denis: Vienna Conversation

In May 2005, the Film Museum in Vienna has presented the work of French filmmaker Claire Denis – arguably the most important woman working in cinema today. The video contains the full recording of a 1.5 hours long conversation between Claire Denis and the Austrian film critics Michael Omasta and Isabella Reicher on Saturday, May 7th, 2005

Claire Denis has dedicated herself to an uncompromising aesthetic in which sensory experiences, physicality and "musical images" are given priority over conventional narrative schemes. At the same time, her work revolves around key issues of the present: blurred gender distinctions; transgressions of social and cultural boundaries; the dissolution of national identities in the postcolonial era; and finally, the essential topic of sexuality and (filmic) desire.

English / 01:35:12 / 231 MB / Ogg Theora

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