Contre-feux 1 - Communiqué visuel 1

The film tries to show how the new law project about immigration, that has been presented Thursday 9 February 2006 by the French minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, is a war machine against the foreigners. A machine that DESTROY existence (Family, health, solidarity…), and a machine that PRODUCE people without papers, slaves of the shadow. Immigration and people without paper are treated like an ELECTORAL STAKE by the French government and an entertainment for the French population : this last one don’t think about its dramatic issues (unemployment, retired pensions, etc.) and the government can make profit for a minority of people. It is a WAR. A war without mercy against the sharp forces of the country. A social war. A racial war. Everybody is concerned. Both films want to call the population to fight these kind of manipulations.

Sylvain George /
French / 00:10:43 / 10 MB / Ogg Theora

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