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One week prior to the World Information conference and exhibition in Bangalore, a group of students, filmmakers, media jammers and DV rookies occupied the terrace room of Lawyers Collective in Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar. Here, WI City TV 's open studio was set up, with the support and cooperation of fellow artists and organizers. With 3 editing computers, and a mixed bag of cameras; the studio worked around the clock and produced a range of content for WI city TV -that served over 3000 homes in Shivaji Nagar via their 'informal' cable channel parallel to and independent of the conference.

Sanjay Bhangar and Sravanthi K spent a few days in Shivaji Nagar and at National Market looking at the 'digital moment' and what it has meant for local economy and world information. They ended up with a footage source, comprising shots of cyber caf├ęs and shop fronts offering dtp, call center coaching, and language translation facilities, computer classes, dvd's and vcd's. Interviews with vendors and users and with Shivaji Nagar local and renegade IP law-breaker Lawrence Liang in Hindi, shot with a rather 'odd' frame formed the backbone of the film. Footage of the World Info poster campaign, the IT corridor, Forum Mall, image searches, movie clips and a gleaning of Alternative Law Forums's CD compilations on IPR, censorship and cinema, combined with visuals from the footage bank and manic editing by Sooraj Ravindran resulted in COPYRIGHT THIS. The film is subtitled in english.

Sanjay Bhangar and Sravanthi K /
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