Himalayan Monogatari - Himalayan Tales

A documentary on the physical and human landscape between the valleys of Kashmir and Ladakh. Encounter gods and demons, mystic mountains and lakes, contemporary fact and fiction in this journey through the Himalayas- accompanied by a genteel Japanese voice-of-godess.

Structured as a televised 'serial' the film welcomes you back to another episode of Himalayan Tales, recapping the previous episode. What follows are a series of short vignettes recounting tales, places and legends. This simple structure and the use of Voice-of-God narration, with its naive and truncated sweeps across complex histories and civilisations, its calm and soothing belief in myth and beauty, its reading as fact, all coupled with the slight and deliberate shifts in 'gaze' underlying the films progression allow for a meditative and transparent examinaton of the nature of documentary.

shaina anand / www.chitrakarkhana.net
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