International Festival - Plastic Bag Video 5

International Festival Plastic Bag Videos

The series of videos created under the motto “many and half good” continues. In this fifth extended version of 17 minutes yet a new mode procedure is used. The scene from American Beauty has been crossed edited with the scenes from Hitchcock’s Rear Window were the curious James Stewart is looking out onto his backyard. A dialogue between the two subjects of the movies are established and we can both experience how we introduce subjectivity to the plastic bag and at the same time see to what extent Stewart is producing direction and causality. Classical action images are thus transformed through the process of post-production into a kind of time image.
International Festival is in this series interested in using a particular cinematic segment, in a fast processes of editing, and to issue as many different perspectives into a scene as possible. How vast is the potentiality of a particular scene, and what can post-production processes offer to it. The Plastic Bag Videos series can be understood as a number of etudes not on creation but in respect of what new technologies provide in respect of post-production.

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