International Festival Plastic Bag Video 2

International Festival Plastic Bag Videos
The series of videos created under the motto “many and half good” continues. In this second video a sequence from a recently released film “Four Brothers” (John Singleton) are used to recontexualize the scene. To the tacky soundtrack and the tremendously sentimental narrative highly violent images are attached, which render the scene a radically different quality. However, in respect of cinema, is it still ‘American Beauty”.
International Festival is in this series interested in using a particular cinematic segment, in a fast processes of editing, and to issue as many different perspectives into a scene as possible. How vast is the potentiality of a particular scene, and what can post-production processes offer to it. The Plastic Bag Videos series can be understood as a number of etudes not on creation but in respect of what new technologies provide in respect of post-production.

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