International Festival Plastic Bag Video 4

International Festival Plastic Bag Videos

The series of videos created under the motto “many and half good” continues. In this fourth video a different mode of reference is made. The video works by Bruce Nauman from the early 70s is here recycled and recontextualized. The narrative through an appropriation of Nauman's structure introduce a kind of exhaustion, or rather complete which passes notions of technique and ability.
To the tacky soundtrack by Thomas Newman is this time superimposed with Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells which we all recall from “The Exorcist”, yet a reference to turning bodies, and perhaps also a hidden desire to offer a way out of the grip that the neo avant-garde still hold on contemporary art practices; to exorcise the avant-garde.
On another level this version also alludes to Nauman's relation to his studio as a site of production of art. "Whatever I do in the studio it will be art" - this series of works understand digital editing devises similarly as a site for production of video.
International Festival is in this series interested in using a particular cinematic segment, in a fast processes of editing, and to issue as many different perspectives into a scene as possible. How vast is the potentiality of a particular scene, and what can post-production processes offer to it. The Plastic Bag Videos series can be understood as a number of etudes not on creation but in respect of what new technologies provide in respect of post-production.

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