Interview with Zelimir Zilnik

Adem, a young journalist from Tetovo, Mazedonia, is interviewing Zelimir Zilnik on his film "Kenedi comes back home". Zilnik had presented his latest documentary in the course of the evening program of the Youth Organising Institute, a summer school, that took place in Novi Sad from July 12th to 22nd 2005. The Youth Organising Institute (YOI) is run by the Johns Hopkins University of Bologna and was held in 2005 in cooperation with, the students union of Novi Sad University, and freelance trainers. YOI brought together 40 young people from the balkan region (Croatia, Mazedonia, Moldavia, Romaina, Serbia and Montenegro and more) that are active in their communities in order to train them, to offer a space for project development and to connect and network on the issues of their local projects.

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