Peace-for-War - Brian Holmes

Sunday, July 23 2006
The concept I'm going to present draws directly from the work of Shimshon
Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan. It describes the economic phases of "depth"
and "breadth," and correlates them with the first- and second-order
cybernetics of control. It attempts to situate the functions of
cultural-communicational labor within these economic phases. It questions
those autonomists who thought it would be possible to transform a broadly
expansionary phase of capitalism, like that of the nineties, into a
qualitatively different society. It’s not a polemic, but seeks to open up a
field of strategic debate. It doesn't assert a future, but observes
the unfolding of the present into the depths of violence, which has robbed
resistance movements of their potential, again. The concept is Peace-for-War.

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