Rog - Smo zacasni / We are temporary

Saturday 25th of March 2006 marked the start of the initiative to open the abandoned bicycle factory Rog for temporary use, with the intent to carry out non-profit, non-established activities on its premises. It is not a classic occupation of space, but a temporary alteration of its purposes. The 7000 square meter large factory - owned by the City of Ljubljana (MOL) - has already been left to decay for 15 years. As long as MOL doesn't develop and begin implementing a clear strategy to solve the problem of these empty premises, we self-initiatively wish to open it to all individuals and groups engaged in the non-profit sector, for the realization of independent production of cultural and social content.

Rog - Smo zacasni / We are temporary is a documentary made by the temporary users of the factory Rog premises.

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