Sortis de l'ombre - L'eglise de St. Bernard et la lutte des sans papiers

The tightening of immigration laws in France created in 1996 the movement of the "sans-papiers". With spectacular actions and a startling series of church occupations they called attention to the precarious situation of illegalized migrants: "Des papiers pour tous!" Papers for all was the slogan of a movement that spread rapidly all across europe.

The film tries to review the situation three years after the brutal eviction of the first collective of "sans papiers" from the church St. Bernard in the north of Paris in summer 1996. It features former speakers of the sans papiers like Madjiguène Cissé, Traore Gaousson, Ababacar Diop and Kamara Hamady who recall the making of the movement - alongside interviews with Guy Laveuve, one of the priests of St. Bernard, Monique Chemillier-Gendreau, professor for international law and member of the „College des Mediateurs", as well as Ariane Mnouchkine, director of „Théatre du Soleil", who supported the sans paiers movement from the very beginning.

The film was part of the arte theme evening: "no one is illegal" broadcasted in 1999.

Jochen Kraus und Florian Schneider /
French / 01:06:14 / 259 MB / Ogg Theora

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