Tanger nonstop - Geschichten aus 1001 Stadt

"Tanger nonstop" is a 97 minutes documentary in and about the morrocan city of Tangiers featuring the writer Mohamed Choukri, the story-teller Mohammed Mrabet, the painter Hamri and the Jilala musicians. The film goes on a trip criss-crossing the myths of the legendary "Interzone" and encounters a postcolonial presence. Situated in the very north of Marokko, Tangiers is today a city like any other in the socalled "third world": surrounded by slums and a free-trade zone of sweat shops where young women from the south produce cheap clothes for the seasonal sale. The sell-out seems to be the remaining perspective for a city and its inhabitants: immigrants, smugglers and passers-by -- such as the german post-wave band Kastrierte Philosophen who are roaming through Tangiers dressed up in old colonial style and endlessly reciting fragments of Brion Gysins novel "The Process". Ten years after the first release the film is now available online with german subtitles. Original languages are english, arabic, spanish, french.

Jochen Kraus and Florian Schneider / kein.org
German / 01:36:36 / 421 MB / Ogg Theora

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