The Cut (2006) is a circa twenty minute video that condenses two years of research on the history of the John Huston film Freud the Secret Passion. Rather than present a linear history of the film, The Cut attempts to fill the gaps with fictional scenes that question the possibility of representing history and historical figures.
Freud the Secret Passion (1961), starring Montgomery Clift, Larry Parks and Susannah York, is a little-known biographical film that presents the discovery of psychoanalysis as a kind of detective story. The screenplay was based on a long, complex scenario written by Jean-Paul Sartre and subsequently rewritten by a series of Hollywood screenwriters. Working through the layers of material left out, erased, forgotten and repressed, another narrative emerges – a narrative that deals with the traces of Freud within the popular imagination, with fiction, memory, and history, and with the unavoidable complexities of translation and communication.

Geoffrey Garrison
English / 00:19:50 / 30 MB / Ogg Theora

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