Underground Londoners

Based on a year of ongoing conversations and interviews with migrant workers working as cleaners in the London Underground, this film is about their living and working conditions as as migrants with precarious status, as well as working under the Public Private Partnership of the London Underground.

Divided in three parts the film speaks first about the everyday living and working conditions in the Underground. The second part explains the Public Private Partnership under which the cleaning is privatized and outsourced through several layers of contractual relations with a complex web of global companies.
Finally the workers involved in the Justice for Cleaners campaign hosted by the Transport and General Workers union (UK) in partnership with the SEIU/ Justice for Janitors (US) outline some the victories as well as difficulties in organizing people with precarious status. We follow some of the actions and demonstrations against the global companies involved in the PPP, as well as the alliances made with social movements in the UK, and globally in the struggle for migrants rights.

artemis / kein.tv
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