Vanderbeek Revisited - Stan Vanderbeek (1927-1984)

Stan Vanderbeek (1927-1984) experimented with the interaction of man and the Intermedia-Network of film, TV, video and computer graphics. He subverted the industrialized mass-media by revealing their structure in his works.

At first he used collages of magazine- and newspaper imagery or painted directly onto the film. In 1963 he set up the "Movie-Drome", a multiprojection enviroment. The idea was to set up centers like this all over the world and to network them via satellite, enableling intercultural communication between artist communities. (see

In 1966 he produced computer films with Kenneth Knowlton from Bell Telephone Laboratories (now AT&T). He also worked as "Artist in Residence" at WGBH TV in Boston, at NASA and at the M.I.T. Center for Advanced Visual Studies. As seen in this documentary Vanderbeek explored the man-machine graphical interface and produced works of great beauty.

Steven Hutchings
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