Who is a companero? part 1

what, or who, is a companero? or a comrade, genosse? is a companero the same as a comrade? and who is not a comrade, genosse, companero?
across different political languages – not only the tongues in which they're spoken, but the different forms of political life that they express and participate in –, the point of a single-question interview is precisely to help differences appear.
whereas a general interview (‘tell me about your struggle, your position on the g8, on africa’ etc.) would tend to reduce those differences to common-places, or make them appear as predictable, traceable diffractions (‘the socialist’, ‘the anarchist’ etc.) a question that tries to probe into the unarticulated background of a political practice can perhaps say more about what it is that constitutes ‘a movement’.

Rodrigo Nunes / www.kein.tv
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