digital handcraft - China's global factory for computers

"digital handcraft" is an educational film, a portrait of the process of computer hardware production. It displays the organisation of production in global value chains and investigates the conditions of life and labour for millions of migrant worker in China's factories, which manufacture the hardware for the immaterial production of the 21st century.
This film takes a look at the flipside of globalised computer production, which is incongruous with the "clean" image the industry usually displays. By interviewing both activists and workers, the film investigates the current situation as well as future possibilities for improving their situation. Furthermore, the film looks at issues surrounding the illegal shipping of computer scrap parts from Germany to developing countries.

by Alexandra Weltz, co-author Sarah Bormann /
English / 00:27:58.840 / 111 MB / Ogg Theora/Vorbis - 384x288/Stereo

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