Dictionary of War

DAVOS/DUBAI - Christian von Borries

DAVOS/DUBAI - Christian von Borriesexploitation
imagineered urbanism
islamic banking
laundered dollars
permanent exception
slavery in the 21st century
The World Economic Forum Davos
"The world" island resort, Dubai

Coloniality - Soenke Zehle

Coloniality - Soenke ZehleColoniality, no longer an awkward major paradigm but an agile minor concept, enters the mise en scène of William Kentridge's »black box« (Germany/South Africa 2005) and its reenactment of Germany's most recent Historikerstreit to report on various passions for the real.

Autoxylopyrocycloboros - Simon Starling

Autoxylopyrocycloboros - Simon StarlingAutoxylopyrocycloboros (2006) took the form of self-defeating journey in a small wooden steam boat. The voyage, made on the waters of Loch Long, Scotland, home to the Trident submarine base and neighbouring peace camp, was fuelled with wood from the boat itself, as plank by plank, piece by piece, it was feed to its own boiler, until inevitably disappearing into the submarine infested depths of the Loch.

Alert - Irit Rogoff & Meir Wigoder

Alert - Irit Rogoff & Meir WigoderAn occupation, military or civilian, is lived out at many different levels, modalities and distances. The suffering that is visited upon those whose freedoms are curtailed, whose movement is blocked and whose lives are threatened is rarely matched by the misgivings of those implicated in inflicting the occupation, or those associated with it through citizenship or other modes of inscription. Our concern here is with the question of how the occupiers might vigilantly live out an occupation beyond the simple rhetorics of resistance.

War on the Poor - Ultrared

War on the Poor - UltraredWhat does the war on the poor sound like?

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