Dictionary of War

Hysteria - Hassan Khan

Hysteria - Hassan KhanAn associative and casual listening session to examples of shaabiyat tracks produced and distributed in Cairo over the past three years. Khan will discuss how the taboo becomes totem, the self hysterically claims a space, and aggression and paranoia become productive cultural operations, his evidence a collection of tracks that he finds to be the most interesting, surprising, and exciting cultural product to come out of his home town for a very long time.

Dictionary of War 6th Edition Gwangju September 4-6 2008

Hindutva and Islamism: Twins in Annihilation - Ranjit Hoskote

Hindutva and Islamism: Twins in Annihilation - Ranjit HoskoteHindutva and Islamism are both movements of revanchism and annihilatory impact, which claim to speak in the name of a pure religious tradition that has been tainted and threatened by alien influences. In a zone of cultural confluence such as South Asia, these global movements are at war with one another: to Hindutva, secular modernity as well as Islam and Islamism are the enemy; to Islamism, secular modernity as well as Hinduism and Hindutva are the enemy.

Dictionary of War 6th Edition Gwangju September 4-6 2008

Full Spectrum Dominance - Kerry James Marshall

Full Spectrum Dominance - Kerry James MarshallDictionary of War 6th Edition Gwangju September 4-6 2008

Continuity - Chung Seoyoung

Continuity - Chung SeoyoungWe could find a definition for the word "continuity" as such: "A detailed script or scenario consulted to avoid discrepancies from shot to shot in a film, allowing the various scenes to be shot out of order." While all possible kinds of "wars" are going on in the world all "possible details" disappear. But details are the bridge towards what makes life more real and interesting. By disappearance of the detail, absurdity evolves in reality and the aspire to continuity is a strong contest around this absurdity.

Dictionary of War 6th Edition Gwangju September 4-6 2008

Change of Game - Jarbas Lopes

Change of Game - Jarbas LopesDictionary of War 6th Edition Gwangju September 4-6 2008

Al Mukaddima: Le Bout du Monde/Anwal

Al Mukaddima: Le Bout du Monde/AnwalDictionary of War 6th Edition Gwangju September 4-6 2008

Bang! Bang! - Albert Heta

Bang! Bang! - Albert HetaKosovar Pavilion Venice Biennial 2005, did not confuse only those who cannot distinguish what is an Albanian and what is a Kosovar pavilion, artist or identity but seemingly also players of the great structure of the ancient contemporary art power elite that eventually accepted apologies by the used instrument of this work (e-flux) for challenging their Biennale with a tool of their own system and continued to live on in harmony as nothing had happened in the West (Sunday, color video, 3.01 min.). These works stand and mark a time and a context that is full of Bang! Bang! (Bang!

Without Title - Muha Blackstazy

Without Title - Muha BlackstazyFor more than 10 years, Muha writes lyrics that are very much connected with everyday life of the Roma community in Nivi Sad, and turns them into hip-hop songs. In 2007 he made his first professional studio recordings; the album “Crni smo mi” (“We are Black”) was released in July and promoted at the EXIT Festival (MTV Movement campaign).

Kljuc - Teofil Pantic

Kljuc - Teofil PanticA novel... The last night I slept at home was the night of December 29th, 1991. After that night I have been going to bed and been waking up in many other places, of which at least one I could , with a lifelong engrafted caution, even call my home, but no, never again after that night have I slept at home, I was never at home at all, nor I will ever be at home again, even if I would go back to that place, the place where the home was.

Kosovo and Corruption - Verica Barac

Kosovo and Corruption - Verica BaracHow did these two subjects come together, when it was perfectly clear that we have learned this lesson seven years ago - egzistential problems of the citizens and their families cannot be resolved by resorting to nationalism? The fact that proves that we knew this back then are the citizens who voted for democratic options in 2000 and left nationalist parties without support.

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