http://borderlineacademy.orgThe Swedish artists duo Mårten Spångberg (choreographer, Brussels) and Tor Lindstrand (architect, Stockholm) present their project "International Festival" on June 20th, at the Borderline Academy in Tarifa (ES).: "International Festival propose an alternative mode of production, which deterritorialise notions of commodity and spectacle, not in leaving choreography and becoming something else, nor by commenting directly on current notions of dance and theatre.

Borderline Academy: Round Table on Migration

Borderline Academy: Round Table on MigrationA round table talk on borders, migration and freedom of movement with an emphasis on the situation in the Straits of Gibraltar -- featuring the local activists Helena Maleno and Nieves Garcia Benito as well as the migration researcher Sandro Mezzadra from Bologna. The presentations have been recorded at the Borderline Academy in Tarifa, at June 19th, 2005.

Border Geographies

Border GeographiesPhil Misselwitz and Tiem Rienets present their project "Borderline Geographies" at the Borderline Academy 2005 in Tarifa (ES): Israeli, palestinian and german students map the area of East Jerusalem and explore the urban and cultural consequences of the conflict.

Interview with Florian Schneider about Fadaiat - At the Incommunicado Conference in Amsterdam

Interview with Florian Schneider about FadaiatRaw, unedited interview with Florian Schneider. Schneider was one of the 40 guests interviewed at Incommunicado (15-17 June 2005, Amsterdam) for an upcoming DVD. He talks about Incommunicado and the Fadaiat / Borderline Academy taking place in Tarifa (18-26 June 2005).

Opening Fadaiat2// Borderline Academy

Opening Fadaiat2// Borderline AcademyOn Saturday, June 18th 2005 "Fadaiat2// Borderline Academy" has been opened in the old castle Guzmán El Bueno in Tarifa (ES). Javier Mohedano, Jose Perez de Lama and Florian Schneider introduced the idea and the background of the 10-days event. To be continued!

Claire Denis: Vienna Conversation

Claire Denis: Vienna ConversationIn May 2005, the Film Museum in Vienna has presented the work of French filmmaker Claire Denis – arguably the most important woman working in cinema today. The video contains the full recording of a 1.5 hours long conversation between Claire Denis and the Austrian film critics Michael Omasta and Isabella Reicher on Saturday, May 7th, 2005

FK Leipzig: "Directory"

FK Leipzig: Directory"Directory" -
Performance by Kattrin Deufert + Thomas Plischke / Frankfurter Küche (Leipzig), March 22nd 2005 in Frankfurt/Main. Part of the ongoing programme "Performing Lectures" by Unfriendly Takeover at AtelierFrankfurt.

Adrian Williams: "man made me"

Adrian Williams: man made me"man made me" -
Lecture Performance by Adrian Williams (USA/D),
February 17th 2005 in Frankfurt/Main.
Part of the ongoing programme "Performing Lectures" by Unfriendly Takeover.

Xavier Le Roy: "Product of Circumstances"

Xavier Le Roy: Product of Circumstances"Product of Circumstances" -
Lecture Performance by Xavier Le Roy (F/D),
May 5th 2005 in Frankfurt.
Part of the ongoing programme "Performing Lectures" by Unfriendly Takeover.

Rebecca Schneider/Ann Pellegrini: Passing on

Rebecca Schneider/Ann Pellegrini: Passing onRebecca Schneider and Ann Pellegrini present "Passing on" at the summeracademy in Frankfurt on August 22, 2004. Rebecca Schneider is Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University. As a "performing theorist" she has occasionally collaborated with artists, most recently in an installation by Hannah Hurtzig and Heike Roms at the British Museum in London as part of the London International Festival of Theatre. Ann Pellegrini is Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Performance Studies at New York University.

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