Platforma 9,81 at International Festival "The Theatre" Stockholm 3-5 February 2006

International Festival “The Theatre” takes as a series of departure points for the realization of the project – to develop and build a full-scale theatre on the basis of a budget conventionally issued for a theatre/dance performance - during Steirischer Herbst 2007 a number of seminars. These seminars are to be held on a quarterly basis in different cities in Europe, inviting old and new guest for discussions and processes. At each seminar a public session will be held where the invited guests give presentations of their own work, practically and theoretically. Some of the presentations will be given specific weight to the project itself, others will be concerned with local projects or with more general issues concerning performance and architecture in its widest possible meaning.
The first seminar was given at the art space Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm 3-5 February 2006.

Platforma 9,81 gives in this presentation an overview of their work based in Zagreb. Marko Sancarin gives special weight to their project Invisible Zagreb in which the architectural office mapped abandoned areas of the city and its surroundings.

Platforma 9,81 was created in 1999 as a reaction to the inability of the architectural scene to establish an interdisciplinary and open dialogue within the scene and externally in regard to the problems of urban space culture, digitalization of the environment, influences of globalization to the perception of space and the needs of new educational methods in architecture today. Their projects have a profoundly public quality and regularly draw together a large number of people from different domains of life. Their relation to architecture and urban planning is marked by an informal approach, non-institutional strategies of action, tendency towards research and away from habitual practice.
Platforma 9,81 have so far realized a number of media projects /1:1000, Architecture Live, Architecture to the People, Open Programme, Mobile Living Room/ that have dealt with the problem of built-up environments and have popularized the contemporary relationship with architecture. The realized projects and installations have a program link to art, media and urban culture /Zone of Movement of the Blind, installations for Vote ’99, the interior for the program Art Lazareti in the quarantine of Dubrovnik, the display of the 26th Youth Salon/. At the meeting of architecture students on the island of Vis - EASA 2002 – they coordinated workshops and lectures and participated in the organization of the event. The workshop “Light” was exclusively organized and carried out by Platforma 9,81. Platforma 9,81 feel especially proud to participate as members of the active art and NGO scene in Croatia, a scene incorporating a critical mass of people and knowledge in aim of realization of developmental urban culture projects. We collaborate with numerous Croatian and foreign institutions that work with architecture and culture.

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