Testbedstudio at International Festival "The Theatre" Stockholm 3-5 February 2006

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International Festival “The Theatre” takes as a series of departure points for the realization of the project – to develop and build a full-scale theatre on the basis of a budget conventionally issued for a theatre/dance performance - during Steirischer Herbst 2007 a number of seminars. These seminars are to be held on a quarterly basis in different cities in Europe, inviting old and new guest for discussions and processes. At each seminar a public session will be held where the invited guests give presentations of their own work, practically and theoretically. Some of the presentations will be given specific weight to the project itself, others will be concerned with local projects or with more general issues concerning performance and architecture in its widest possible meaning.
The first seminar was given at the art space Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm 3-5 February 2006.

Testbedstudio offers in this presentation very interesting models for collaboration and shared development from concept to finished project. Anders Johansson is presenting a series of projects with strong vision to change conventions of public space and their modes of efficiency. Anders Johansson opens his presentation with a document from Volksbühne in Berlin where architecture as performance is being actualized.

Testbedstudio with offices in Malmö and Stockholm are working with architecture from a number of perspectives connecting expertise from a multiplicity of fields. Their projects emphasize research and investigation combined with a strong social focus. www.testbedstudio.com

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