International Festival - Plastic bag video 3

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International Festival Plastic Bag Videos
The series of videos created under the motto “many and half good” continues. In this third video a sequence from a recently released advertisement for Citroen is used to recontexualize the scene. To the tacky soundtrack and the tremendously sentimental narrative a computer rendered voise has been addred, which render the scene a radically different quality. Questions about subjectivity is here asked in respect of contemporary notions on mediatization.
International Festival is in this series interested in using a particular cinematic segment, in a fast processes of editing, and to issue as many different perspectives into a scene as possible. How vast is the potentiality of a particular scene, and what can post-production processes offer to it. The Plastic Bag Videos series can be understood as a number of etudes not on creation but in respect of what new technologies provide in respect of post-production.

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