Kako v.d. direktorja Art centra Petra Pika Pevec skrbi za Art center?

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This is a four minute documented conversation between the working team of Art center in Goričko and Art center's illegally imposed active manager Petra Pika Pevec, who in more than 9 months, though being payed, didn't manage to come to Art center, but did manage to block the account, destroy several project financed by EU and national founds, cut the phone and internet and evict the working team.

Background story: in Goričko, the most de-privileged part of Slovenia, a group of enthusiasts established Art center, the first residential artistic center in Slovenia. Financed mostly from EU funds and based exclusively on voluntary work. Art center is combining international artistic residences with local developmental projects and informal education. However, the mayor of Moravske Toplice, which is itself a co-founder of Art center, decided, that he doesn't want art, culture and development in his municipality and started a war against the group of artists. The illegally elected active manager Petra Pika Pevec is doing the dirty work.

Art center / www.artcenter-slovenia.org
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