Throne of Blood - moving forest [Shu Lea Cheang]

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Saturday, June 3 19:30 - 19:50
Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood" (1957) based on Macbeth was originally titled
"SpiderWeb Castle" - tales of ambition ridden lord Washizu (played by
Toshiro Mifune) and his vicious lady (played by Isuzu Yamada) set in
medieval Japan.
Lord Washizu was driven to his downfall following an encounter with a
witch in the SpiderWeb forest.

" You will never lose a single battle,
unless the spider web forest begins to move
and approaches the castle."
advises the witch to the bewildered Washizu.

What follows is the classical plot of betrayal schemes that lead to the
final insurgence of Washizu's own archers while the revenging troops
marching with tree branches as camouflage towards the castle.

Take off from the final scene of "Throne of Blood",I propose a project
"moving forest" . The SpiderWeb forest transformed into the deep web
forest. The revolt arrives from within. The central power is the imaginary
one. The oppositon is AMONG us. The central is AMONG us. Moving forest of
today is a forest of wifi transmitter fed on public wireless, moving
within the city jungle towards a power deprived central. Moving
forest is to be developed as a
(global)citywide wifi mobile operatic manoeuver sound event,
orchestrated yet asynchronized.

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