Dictionary of War

World War - Klaus Viehmann

World War - Klaus ViehmannSunday, July 23 2006
Everyone knows that World War II was a global war. However, knowledge of its development and impact on Western Europe is rather limited. At least in the last two centuries knowledge of war crimes has increased. The purpose of today’s lecture is to draw a rough outline of the neglected aspects of this war and to raise some interest in the exploits and suffering of the people who were affected by fascism, “Herrenmenschentum” and aggression, and fought against it.

United Nations - Ariane Müller

United Nations - Ariane MüllerSunday, July 23 2006
Rio, Peking, Kairo, Istanbul, Genf, Kyoto, Habitat, Houairou, Konventionen, Protokolle, Deklarationen

Translation - Tom Keenan

Translation - Tom KeenanSunday, July 23 2006
What sort of language is war, if it is one? What would "total" conflict be? When does escalation become impossible? When the violence is not exercised to force others into a conversation, or to change the terms of a debate, but in order to end a debate, to remove the other party in a debate once and for all, when debate itself -- or politics, or language -- is itself the target of the violence .... is that the limit? Is that the moment when things actually can't get any worse?

Transition - Erzen Shkololli

Transition - Erzen ShkololliSunday, July 23 2006
Presentation of a works will reflect the dramatic transformation of the region, connected in particular with decay of the local totalitarian regimes during the 1990's. By representing various forms of ethnic, religious or political predestination and manipulation symbolizing the contrast social situation in his homeland.

Resistance - Ingrid Strobl

Resistance - Ingrid StroblSunday, July 23 2006
Relativizing the Absolute "Resistance" is among those terms that although seemingly clear-cut, are in reality difficult to define. What is resistance? Who defines what it is? What conditions have to be met so that who identifies or recognizes what to be resistance? And which and whose interests stand behind the label?

Pop Georg Seeßlen - Markus Metz

Pop Georg Seeßlen - Markus MetzSunday, July 23 2006
There is no war without pop, and there is no pop without war.

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