Dictionary of War

Luftraum [Christof Kurzmann]

Luftraum [Christof Kurzmann]Friday, June 2 20:30 - 21:00
when the iraq war started i made a composition called "the air between". a work about powerlessness. now, quite some time later, and with the images of the war distributed by cnn, bbc, ... i examine what's left of the emotions. how do i/we remember?

Kriegsmaschine / War Machine [Nicolas Siepen]

Kriegsmaschine / War Machine [Nicolas Siepen]Friday, June 2 19:30 - 20:00
A montage of two kinds of montage, two types of assembling images
about, in between, beyond, as a war machine within the images
themselves. A fine line between love and hate: 1. Jean Genets »Un chant
d’amour« (A love Song) – how to make love through a wall and que(e)r it
(smoke). 2. The Godard/Gorin/Mieville machine »Ici et Ailleure« (Here
and Elsewhere) – how to use a two-image-assembly to ruin the war
montage itself - are we not mature to read an Image yet? (Fascism)

Conflicted/Inflicted [Susan Schuppli]

Conflicted/Inflicted [Susan Schuppli]Friday, June 2 17:30 - 17:55
"Conflicted/Inflicted" is a video based upon a found telephone answering machine tape belonging to someone named Linda. As we listen to the audio, the crisis and tensions in her life are slowly revealed.

Comrade [International Festival]

Comrade [International Festival]Friday, June 2 17:00 - 17:15
I declare war on damaged hair and split-ends.
Victory! Because I'm worth it.
- Kate Moss for L'Oreal

Arms Race, Architectural [Ines Weizman]

Arms Race, Architectural [Ines Weizman]Friday, June 2 16:30 - 16:55
An architectural arms race is a competition between two or more countries for supremacy through the means of architecture and urbanism. Each party competes to produce architectural imagery or concrete built form to achieve a relative gain over the other. Such gain could be accounted for either symbolically, or physically interfering with urban practices in the country of the opponent.

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