Dictionary of War

Police War - Katja Diefenbach

Police War - Katja DiefenbachSunday, July 23 2006
We are currently entering a hegemonic war regime dominated by strategies of preventive intervention and crisis management, and therefore subject to the logic of the police. Elements of private enterprise war, of low-intensity warfare, of counter insurgency, of biopolitical administration, and of the police state of emergency are combined and legitimated as humanitarian mission, civilian-military cooperation, or just war. This war regime follows a calculation of control and security.

Peace-for-War - Brian Holmes

Peace-for-War - Brian HolmesSunday, July 23 2006
The concept I'm going to present draws directly from the work of Shimshon
Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan. It describes the economic phases of "depth"
and "breadth," and correlates them with the first- and second-order
cybernetics of control. It attempts to situate the functions of
cultural-communicational labor within these economic phases. It questions
those autonomists who thought it would be possible to transform a broadly
expansionary phase of capitalism, like that of the nineties, into a

Discipline - Ulrich Broeckling

Discipline - Ulrich BroecklingSaturday, July 22 2006
disciplining in order to fight is "hot" - it mobilizes, transgresses and fuels the passions. Disciplining in order to effectively use force is "cold" - it controls, regularizes, and curbs the affects. The mix ratio is changing and the history of military disciplining can be described as a change between rather "hot" and rather "cold" epochs.

Defeat, for the - Nora Sternfeld

Defeat, for the - Nora SternfeldSaturday, July 22 2006
At 12 o'clock on April 8, 2005, in the Ostarrichi-Park in front of the Landesgericht (the regional court), a temporary monument to the defeat was unveiled that triggered a debate on the process of denazification and made an issue of the fact that this process was still unfinished today. The eight-sided object was conceived as a monumental plinth and it measured 2 meters in height and had a circumference of 11 meters.

Declaration of War - andcompany co.

Declaration of War - andcompany co.Saturday, July 22 2006

andcompany & Co. Feat. Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Sascha Sulimma & Co.

In their lecture performance KRIEGSERKLÄRUNG they will explain and declare war at the same time, talking in stolen words, quotes borrowed from John L. Austin until Vladimir I. Lenin. For supplementary reading please check out the text "Die Kriegserklärung " by Karl Marx http://www.mlwerke.de/me/me10/me10_168.htm

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