Dictionary of War

Hostis Humani Generis - Lawrence Liang

Hostis Humani Generis - Lawrence LiangAbstract wars demand abstract enemies, and the Hostis Humani Generis (or the enemy against all mankind) is a title that has been bestowed on a host of figures; starting with the pirate and now the terrorist, I seek to understand the links between property, piracy and terrorism and propose that the concept of Hostis Humani Generis helps us understand the idea of war as a continuation of property by other means.

Aufräumen - Diedrich Diederichsen

Aufräumen - Diedrich Diederichsen(1) the image of people cleaning up their houses and streets, and what's left of it after they been attacked, bombed etc. (2) the myth of Trümmerfrauen cleaning up the rubble in post-war Germany, when, at the same time, the trope auf cleaning up was strong as a right wing trope of law and order, and even war (3) the antagonism of negentropic cleaning up and entropic war

Ashwatthama - Raqs Media Collective

Ashwatthama - Raqs Media CollectiveAshwatthama is a character in the Mahabharata, cursed to live forever, as a kind of wandering warrior.

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